Will Smith will lead a Bible film

http://www.klatsch-tratsch.de/wp-content/uploads-thumbnails/300x250q95/2012/07/Will-Smith4-500x750.jpgIt is fashionable in Hollywood devoted to production, management and interpretation of films about the Bible. In this occasion is Will Smith who has decided to get behind the camera to make a film about two characters and biblical brothers, Cain and Abel.

Or is near the Last Judgment or the entire world has taken to read the Holy Scriptures as reading before bedtime, as the fever to make movies about biblical characters has reached the actor Will Smith. 

According to a release of Deadline, Will Smith is about to take a big leap in his career from being an actor to become a project manager has chosen the same inspiration from the Scriptures.

http://www.joblo.com/newsimages1/WillSmithpunchingpicture.jpgWill Smith wants to start his directing career in a "biblical". Nothing unless you chose the story of Cain and Abel. As if anyone would know something of general knowledge that Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve, and these were the first inhabitants of the earth according to the Bible. These, as they were brothers, had their ups and downs like everyone else to the point where the first murder occurred in the history of mankind, Cain killed Abel. And best not to explain further lest we end up spoiling the end of the film. Although this kind of movie you know the end before they do the shooting of the film so soon we will reveal about a possible end of the film, unless Will Smith wants to make a film completely different from the original story. 

The development of the project is held by Sony and is being produced by Overbrook Entertainment, the company's own Smith.

http://www.beforethetrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/afterearth.jpgThe film project portfolio takes several years with the provisional duty title of "The Redemption Of Cain" and Will Smith heavily involved in this, but only as an actor and producer. In this case it would become director of the film and yet unconfirmed, an actor of the same. 

But this is only a warning for boaters, as Will Smith is planning a few more films before filming Cain and Abel. 

First, the actor has just finished shooting "After Earth", the new project of film director and screenwriter Hindu M. Night Shyamalan. Will shortly begin filming "Winters Tale" under the direction of writer-producer Akiva Goldsman. 

But if Will Smith that were not enough, the actor has pending a long list of sequels, including "Hancock 2", "Bad Boys 3" or "I, Robot 2". We believe that the boy will not be bored for a long period of time.

And if Will Smith ran out of time to complete more projects, "God will provide".

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