Shown OmniCorp announcement, the company that created Robocop

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-l4iGzDZ0kgk/T9Y6lFoa7bI/AAAAAAAAAD0/_BvxYqK2uIk/s1600/robocop-logo.jpgOmniCorp, the company that created Robocop, has created a website for us to go see the new products that will make the future around the world is getting better and with absolute vigilance. Robocop including, of course. Comes the company's viral advertising Omnicorp.


For half a century
, these words have established the framework within which OmniCorp has worked to build a brighter world. We do not do passive technology. In OmniCorp, our solutions revolve around a security model that we notice about the dangers of the time. No matter the obstacle-political, cultural, philosophical convictions to pursue our worldwide to ensure peace of mind at home. And when you need a bold new direction, never let that doubt our duty limit. When your quality of life is at stake, our leadership will tip the balance. 

Our products have increased their lives. Our people have inspired his future. Our passion will always be on your side."

http://thr1.pgmcdn.net/sites/default/files/imagecache/thumbnail_570x321/2012/07/robocop_reboot_viral_video_-_h_2012.jpgSo clear and concise is the announcement of the new Omnicorp you can see on the website of the company that created Robocop agent in 1987 and, 25 years later resurrected with a new design and looking forward as he did in the movie original. 

This website shows the latest advances in weaponry, including the ED-209 robot sentry. The writers of the new film have sought to maintain both the name of the powerful technology company behind the disastrous Robocop as the ED-209 robot guard. 

But surely someone will wonder what is viral advertising. Well, this is a term used to refer to marketing techniques that seek to exploit social networks and other electronic media to publicize a product on a massive scale. Ebasar are welded in a typical word of mouth as always but this time using electronic media. 

"Robocop" stars actor Joel Kinnaman Swedish actor in the role of Agent Murphy, Gary Oldman as the scientist who created RoboCop, Samuel L. Jackson and Pat Novak, a magnate of the media and Hugh Laurie, who finally closed after the consultation of Dr. House, sobtiene a new job as President of Omnicorp. 

It is expected that the film directed by Brazilian filmmaker José Padilha is released mid next year. Meanwhile we will be tasting, little by little, they will offer from the company Omnicorp the new "Robocop".

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