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"Men in Black III" movie with more errors of 2012

Men In Black 3, cinema, film, Will Smith, HollywoodEach new year begins with a series of titles something unpleasant to the cinema or music. This time it's the movie with the most errors of 2012. The lucky, or maybe not, this past year has been "Men In Black III" starring Will Smith.


The writer of "Men in Black 3" rewrites the script for "Ghostbusters 3" seems that never cease in trying to develop a third of the saga of "Ghostbusters". That is because they have hired the screenwriter Etan Cohen to rewrite the script for the third part of the tape in order to please the actor Bill Murray after previous failed screenwriters for his satisfaction.


Will Smith already has new ideas for "Men In Black 4" a few days ago has been released in theaters the third film in the series "Men In Black" when the actor Will Smith already has in mind a possible fourth edition, and even many more, from new ideas that Will has in mind for the near future. As said the director's last film.


Lady Gaga will make a cameo in "Men In Black 3" Lady Gaga appeared in the musical world around the world wondered if the New York singer was a being from another planet by their clothes and their performance both in music and in their concerts, in fact, matched, Lady Gaga is an alien and will demonstrate in an upcoming movie.