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Chewbacca, arrested for carrying a lightsaber

Chewbacca, Peter Nayhew, Star Wars, movies, cinema, HollywoodThe actor who played furry character Chewbacca in Star Wars, was arrested by members of the Denver airport security (United States). The only reason: he carried a stick-shaped lightsaber.


Carrie Fisher confirms that will be in the Star Wars Episode VII

Carrie Fisher, Princesa Leia, Star Wars, cinema, film, movies, HollywoodActress Carrie Fisher was the next of the cast of the saga "Star Wars" has confirmed the return of the character of Princess Leia in the seventh episode of the franchise 30 years after her first appearance.


Disney announces two "spin-offs" at parallel to "Star Wars"

star wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, episode VIISince Disney acquired Lucasfilms, George Lucas's company, has continued to work at any time on the proposed "Star Wars", now that there is a director in charge of Episode VII saga. With little time to breathe, the Mickey Mouse factory announces two "spin-offs" parallel to the trilogy that is coming.


Disney canceled re-release of Star Wars in 3D

Darth Vader, Disney, Star Wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, 2013After Disney published with great fanfare that they had hired a director for the new film of "Star Wars", with new projects for previous films, the Factory has decided to cancel the 3D re-release of "Star Wars II and III".


J.J. Abrams will direct "Star Wars: Episode VII"

J.J. Abrams, Star Wars, Star Trek, 2013, cinema, film, HollywoodThe new film in the series "Star Wars" is now owned by Disney, in luck with the publication that has a director to launch the long-awaited draft of the house of Mickey Mouse. J.J. Abrams will be responsible for carrying out this stellar new challenge.


Samuel L. Jackson also wants to be in "Star Wars: Episode VII"

Since it was published some time ago that there would be a new trilogy in the saga of "Star Wars" are several actors and actresses who want to return or who want to have a role to play in the new film developed by George Lucas. Another who plead his return is Samuel L. Jackson.


Darth Vader could be revived in "Star Wars VII"
Disney is willing to make the seventh episode of "Star Wars" one of the best first episodes of the new trilogy. For that reason it has taken a trump card, though still to be decided, resurrect Darth Vader.


Harrison Ford wants to resurrect Han Solo

Harrison Ford, The reporter, Star Wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han SoloHarrison Ford is one of those actors who want to return to the place of his birth, as an actor. For that reason he wants to return to space and once again get into the character that made him famous in the movie "Star Wars", the captain of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo.