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Tom Cruise struck 50 kicks in the testicles to an actor

Tom Cruise, cinema, film, Hollywood, Jack ReacherTom Cruise is shooting his new action movie "Jack Reacher" where every day there is a new situation, funny and chilling. This time could join the three as the actor has had to give 50 kicks to the genitals to an actor for a scene.


Tom Cruise is own Trafalgar Square Cruise is back to do the impossible and not because he is shooting a new film in the series "Mission Impossible" but because Cruise has managed to completely empty and London's famous Trafalgar Square for his next film.


The sequel of "Top Gun" practically canceled tragic death of film director Tony Scott on August 19 of this year rocked the idea that a sequel would be filmed for the movie "Top Gun" after he agreed to do it. Today the cancellation of the project is closer than ever.


Tom Cruise will act in "Top Gun 2" Cruise has confirmed that is, again, under the command of director Tony Scott to film, nearly three decades later, the second part of Top Gun.


Tom Cruise will star in the remake of a classic western Tom Cruise wants to go one step further in his film career and actually becomes one of its projects pending with the Metro Goldwyn Meyer, to be the star of the 60 western "The Magnificent Seven".


Tom Cruise will star and producer of "Van Helsing" Cruise re-extracted from the trunk of memories, his vampire teeth, not for him just to dive into the new adaptation of "Van Helsing". So much so that not only is the protagonist of the story but also become the producer of it.


Tom Cruise wants to sign David Beckham!/img/httpImage/image.jpgTom Cruise does not have enough to present his latest film in the world "Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol" which is already looking for a new script, with more action, to do a duet with another television personality and, as he says, a great friend David Beckham.