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The End 2013. Once upon a time 2014

2013, 2014, new yearAgain another year. Again have spent 365 days and all countries of the world are slowly coming to a new year. For some it will be 2014, for others it will be a more advanced year. The point is that the Earth is changing again of year and we are here to celebrate it. Or maybe not.


Goodbye 2012. Happy New Year 2013!

2012, 2013, new yearAlthough we have days reviewing what we have experienced during this 2012 that is about to end, there are still a few hours to once again look back and see everything that has happened in regards to entertainment.


Lady Gaga goes to New York in 2012 part of the world had entered in 2012 and another had just come in, in New York still remained a few hours for that to happen. Several hours before they were already celebrating from the world-famous Times Square. Hosts for welcoming the new year: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York singer Lady Gaga.