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Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back in "Terminator 5"

Arnold Schwarzenegger, cinema, film, Terminator, Hollywood, Conan, The ExpendablesIf we waited for the return of several films, some are sequels and others are adapted to 2013, as actors that they have not made ​​any films, this is the turn of Arnold Schwarzenegger who after a flop on the big screen now returns with "Terminator 5".


Warner Bros negotiates the return of "Gremlins"

Gremlins, Gizmo, 1984, film, cinema, Hollywood
Warner Bros wants to follow the bandwagon of remakes and sequels of the latest movies and famous movie. The decade of the 80's where all eyes are focused to produce a huge amount of new versions. Of course they have set in one of the great successes of this period the "Gremlins".


Samuel L. Jackson also wants to be in "Star Wars: Episode VII"

Since it was published some time ago that there would be a new trilogy in the saga of "Star Wars" are several actors and actresses who want to return or who want to have a role to play in the new film developed by George Lucas. Another who plead his return is Samuel L. Jackson.


Christina Aguilera returns to the music
The Staten Island New York singer, Christina Aguilera, has announced her return to music after all that had failed in 2010 with her album "Bionic" which had many critics but barely were positive.


Charlie Sheen returns to TV being literally fired from CBS and the series "Two and a Half Men" that came in handy as it reflected his lifestyle and his personality in real life, Charlie Sheen returns to TV the hand of the FX network.