Peter Jackson will shoot sequel to "Tintin" next year

Tintin, Steven Spielberg, film, Hollywood, Peter JacksonThe year 2013 is going to be the year of the film and especially in the year of the sequels though these after they premiere. Another sequels coming in way is the reporter which have not been seen post any article, Tintin, in which director Peter Jackson will be responsible for this new project.

Back in the premiere of "The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn" master Steven Spielberg, and announced that there would be a sequel and that was to be directed by Peter Jackson as they agreed to take turns in the direction of project. And so it proved. 

To Peter Jackson is being accumulated work, not only is planning a new Tintin adventure but is now with the promotion of his new movie "The Hobbit" which as we know will be a trilogy whose first two films have been shot once.

Tintin, Steven Spielberg, film, Hollywood, Peter Jackson
Both directors, Spielberg and Jackson, and agreed that the reporter's most famous comics, apart from Clark Kent with his double life as a reporter by day, Superman by night, had to spend a trilogy. 

Peter Jackson plans to focus next year on the motion capture for the sequel to Tintin but the main idea is that this was released in 2015 and it has ahead filming and post-production of the second film "The Hobbit" and the filming of the third.

Although in the U.S. the first Tintin movie and his trusty dog Snowy was not as successful as expected only grossed $ 50 million, half of what it cost to make, in Europe it was the opposite, a success which resulted at $ 250 million and has encouraged the tandem of directors to follow the adventures. Also going to shoot the remaining two films despite the results of the first. 

So not only Peter Jackson will direct and produce two trilogies but over the next three years we will have a film each year Zealander director: "The Desolation of Smaug" in 2013, the third part of "The Hobbit" in 2014 and the sequel "The Adventures of Tintin" in 2015 although for the latter the only rumor that there is to be entitled "The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun".


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