Katie Holmes wants to shoot a new "Dawson's Creek"

http://quemedices.diezminutos.es/var/qmd/storage/images/noticias_famosos/katie_holmes_en_los_huesos_por_la_dieta_de_la_cienciologia/de_nina_a_mujer_fatal/dawson/200933-1-esl-ES/dawson_galeria_landscape.jpgAgain, another artist who wants to return to his roots. Another actress who wants to go back to where they came forward and, perhaps, re-making their future profession. This time it is the turn of actress Katie Holmes plans to roll back the TV series "Dawson's Creek".

Ten years after the end of the American television series which was about a group of teenagers who lived in a village during the summer months, Katie Holmes one of the protagonists of the series wants to shoot a sequel with the same style what was the first. 

http://images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/20121015//reg_634.katie.cm.111512_copy.jpgDuring an interview with Jimmy Fallon on his Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the actress said her great desire to re-shoot the series that became known in the world of entertainment with Joshua Jackson. Sure, you have to think that at the end of the series one of the characters dies, Michelle Williams, and in the last chapter the characters have five years left of what was the story of "Dawson's Creek". 

But her desire is still there and want to take it forward as. Katie already has a project in mind as explained in the program that airs on NBC: "Maybe we could go on vacation and shoot. Would be fun". 

The actors can no longer teenagers. Ten years have passed since the last issue and they have a few more years so it would be ridiculous to return to be 15 or 16 years. Perhaps the next installment in the series could be a summer holiday organized by a group of parents, as some are married or divorced and have children, so they can remember all experienced during the previous stage.

For now Holmes is not bored because besides being a single mother who takes care of every detail of the life of her daughter Suri, also working in the theaters of Broadway in the play "Dead Accounts", where Katie Holmes plays an Ohio woman who lives with her parents and receives the strange arrival of her brother, who returns home after "do something very bad." According to the actress's comment: "It's a comedy, but there are issues very hard and deep".

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