Alexander Skarsgard is the new Tarzan

http://depaginas.es/images/api/c/6/b/e/1337582893-Alexander_Skarsgard.jpgSwedish actor Alexander Skarsgard has been chosen by British filmmaker David Yates to play the legendary character of Tarzan. Although we will see a more modern character than we are used to and far from the story of his creator.

Much has happened since that back in October 1912, a character named Tarzan created by the American fantasy writer Edgar Rice Burroughs appeared in the pulp magazine All Story Magazine. 

A century later, as this year marks 100 years of life to be hung between trees and vines, Tarzan back to the big screen thanks to the actor Alexander Skarsgard ("True Blood"), as published by Variety magazine. 

The struggle to find the actor playing the "ape-man" has been far from easy. Behind Skarsgard candidates have been Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hardy, the latter supported by Warner Bros., which is behind the film project.

Although Skarsgard is the favorite of the director, the Swedish actor has not received any offers to star in the film, hoping it will be in the coming weeks when they come to an agreement and signed the contract remains as Warner Bros. to start is a priority shooting next summer. 

But David Yates is not content with that Skarsgard interpret Tarzan he has another whim, Samuel L. Jackson embodies a former mercenary who help Tarzan in his return to the jungle.

And the new story of Tarzan in the jungle will not start, at least not in the living tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys and other wildlife, but the beginning of the new film will be in the asphalt jungle where Tarzan is adapted to society after years after returning from the jungle. 

But the story takes a turn, and that by order of Queen Victoria, Tarzan will team up with an ex-mercenary named George Washington Williams (possibly Samuel L. Jackson) to travel to Congo and face a cruel and bloodthirsty lord war exuberant own diamond mine. 

So if you want to see the boy in loincloths and beating in the chest as it travels from vine to vine by the cry so characteristic of the character, played by actor and especially Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, not going to happen, at least in the beginning of the new story. Nor imagine a "Dandie" We do not believe that we see him with Armani dress.

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