Guillermo del Toro is preparing a dark "Pinocchio"

http://ocio.lne.es/img_contenido/noticias/2012/11/133129/2012_11_09_IMG_2012_11_09_223A253A28_toroefe__318x216.jpgMexican director Guillermo del Toro is ready to shoot one of the classic children's film, "Pinocchio". But this may not be typical Disney film, the director thinks the original story and show cruel puppet created by writer Carlo Collodi.

Everything is ready to tell the story more original and cruel of life and miracles of a wooden puppet, Pinocchio, in which Guillermo del Toro has put all his creativity to make us laugh and mourn before what will be a version "darker and more beautiful "one of the classics from Disney. 

The director of "Pan's Labyrinth" and producer of "The Orphanage" is very excited about the new animation project that still has a few years to see the light in cinemas worldwide, since even must pass through the hands of specialists and computers that will come true this story is captured on paper. 

Guillermo del Toro wants us to tell the story of Pinocchio that wrote  the Italian  writer and  journalist Carlo Collodi and not the movie that became classic thanks to Disney.

According to the director Collodi wrote the story in 1883 through 36 chapters and whose characters suffer the most bizarre and cruel adventures: "legs burned and killed in the early chapters, but as people took the character so much love, raised him to continue the story". 

http://www.cinefilo.es/wp-content/uploads/pinocho_concept_3_140612.jpgYes, del Toro not only tell the story of a dark way but also became a film "beautiful" that will get people back to care for the character. 

Of course in every story there is a moral and in the movie "Pinocchio" will be the case. As Guillermo de Toro explains: "The great thing is that Pinocchio becomes a child, but he feels like a real boy. Therein lies the key". 

So do not wait a Pinocchio and an old Gepetto as we used to see at Disney, no. These new characters will aquiline-looking, creepy and yet very tender that will delight children and adults. A film strikingly different both in the graphics and in the script, as he usually does Guillermo del Toro.

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