Robert Pattinson wants to direct sex scenes

http://uniradioserver.com/media/news_thumbs/201211/201211091030Robert-Pattinson.jpgRobert Pattinson is looking forward to the filming of the sixth of the series "Twilight". So much so that he has in mind some ideas to discuss with the director of the film, he wants to direct the sex scenes.

British actor Robert Pattinson wants to be a director to direct exclusively sex scenes. Just as it sounds. The kid is determined that in the new movie "Twilight" have sex scenes and the more the better.

Pattinson is standing on a cloud and no one can get off of there. From checking that the saga of "Twilight" is doing very well and has the expected success among, especially, girls, from seeing her again girlfriend, actress Kristen Stewart, has returned to his arms after this summer have had an "affair "Rupert Sanders with the product and now, the actor, still daydreaming and placed a laurel wreath.

Robert Pattinson says that each time he had to shoot an intimate scene with his co-star in the series "Twilight", has improvised. And it has done so well, that all he thinks is that he should always be in charge of such scenes, by the ease with which the movements made ​​during sex. They would have to give him an Oscar for contortion in films.

The actor is proud of their sexual glorious moments in the films of the saga that says: "I have not seen the scene and I feel like I made half myself. The only thing I remember is having done something clothes, so that was my idea, of course it was my idea. Whether you realize it ended up in the top of the bed and that was also my idea. should be a director, only sex scenes. Besides just remember being looking at the camera trying to put faces sexy, I do not think that will be in the movie". 

So if all goes as planned Pattinson, the sixth of the series will not be particularly specifically for teenagers but for adults, but imagine that more than a teenager does not want to miss those "magical" but they are forbidden to see in their age . Perhaps in this new movie howling sound different.

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