Harrison Ford wants to resurrect Han Solo

Harrison Ford, The reporter, Star Wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han SoloHarrison Ford is one of those actors who want to return to the place of his birth, as an actor. For that reason he wants to return to space and once again get into the character that made him famous in the movie "Star Wars", the captain of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo.

Hollywood  film studios continue its efforts to revive old classics want the film world and make sequels or prequels or fit the XXI century. The actors do not want to miss that opportunity. Here we have the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wants to return to his roots to continue telling the story of Conan the Barbarian enjoying retirement after having devoted his life to be a rough warrior. 

Harrison Ford, The reporter, Star Wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han Solo
On Tuesday, Walt Disney Company announced that it had acquired 100% of Lucasfilm Ltd., which was owned by film director George Lucas and produced by the saga of the movie "Star Wars". That same day, Disney also announced plans to launch seventh Star Wars in 2015. And as no two without three, now is Harrison Ford who say that he is willing to give life back to one of the protagonists of the first trilogy, Han Solo.

And is that the surprises, like misfortunes, never usually come alone. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, citing sources close to the saga of "Star Wars", the three protagonists of the first trilogy, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) would be willing to return to the series that launched them to fame in 1977. 

But nobody around assured the news. For now are just speculation. Still do not know who will direct the new film, although it begins to hear a first name, producer and British film director Matthew Vaughn, since George Lucas only be limited in this new trilogy to act as a creative consultant.

Harrison Ford, The reporter, Star Wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han Solo
Nor are writers. It was not immediately known how characters will tell the following story of galaxies nor that address the new argument and if follow the previous thread. So until that was not at all sure what is written above, none of the actors begin to negotiate with the producer. 

But the battle more difficult the negotiation, especially with Harrison Ford is the only one that has done very well in his film career from 1977 to the present and it was he who said that Han Solo had no meaning for him and ceased to play the character. Easier it will Hamill and Fisher whose careers have not been as successful as those of Ford. 

If everything comes to fruition soon have "Star Wars Episode VII". May the force, and money, to accompany them.

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