Lady Gaga spends Thanksgiving with sexually abused little girls

http://cdn.tuteve.tv/files/2012/11/22/gaga_11.jpgLady Gaga wanted to enjoy and provide a Thanksgiving Day special and rewarding in every way surrounded by "new friends" and support, once again, to the weakest. This time it was in Peru and a group of sexually abused little girls.

The New York singer Lady Gaga has returned to show her solidarity with the weakest in society, children. And in this case girls, as pop diva has gone to Peru's capital, Lima, to spend Thanksgiving Day with a group of 45 girls aged 2-13 years, victims of sexual violence.

Lady Gaga, taking advantage of this Peruvian soil touring and tomorrow will give a concert in Lima, on Thursday visited the hostel Happy Faces the Infant Jesus of Prague, in a poor district of Lima. Back enjoyed, made ​​"new friends" shared snack and ended singing some of the songs from her repertoire along with girls residing in the hostel. 

And Lady Gaga is not someone who likes herself saved for memories and feelings, Mother Monster posted a picture with the girls staying at the hostel, hanging on her Twitter account with a message: "I had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Peru this year. my family was able to come & was so special to share the holiday with new friends in Peru". 

Loaded with several stuffed animals, which presumably gave her the girls she shared laughter for nearly two hours, Lady Gaga returned to the hotel where she is hosted.

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