George Clooney could become "Disney kid"

http://estaticos.elperiodico.com/resources/jpg/3/9/1352732654693.jpgU.S. actor George Clooney is in talks with the Disney factory to participate in a film that seems to have sci-fi themes. With this contract, Clooney could complete the cast of the film. 

Never is too late to become a Disney kid. That's what George Clooney wants to be and that is why, according to "The Hollywood Reporter", is negotiating participation in a science fiction film that Disney factory plans to roll in early 2013. 

The film project is titled "1952". Although the title was changed to "Tesla", has not been liked by all and has become by calling it with the original title. 

The film would be directed by U.S. film director Brad Bird. The script is by Jeff Jensen and Damon Lindelof, two highly successful screenwriters for their work on the television series "Lost". 

Although the film is trying to save as the greatest secrecy, the story of "1952" may resemble that of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" Steven Spielberg who directed in 1977. 

This film could be a great opportunity for Brad Bird as although it sounded like a director to direct the first installment of the new trilogy of "Star Wars", has so far been ruled out that feat. 

Pending that we know more about the film, Disney is planning a movie more. 

On the one hand wants to shoot a version of "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" which could be directed by David Fincher, and the other side is another film project about Cinderella with flesh and blood characters.

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