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Lady Gaga has delayed several concerts for suffering synovitis

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Pop diva, music, concert, tour, Born this way tour, 2013Lady Gaga said in a statement that the singer suffers an inflammation in the joints that prevents her from walking: Because of this ailment has had to cancel several concerts of the tour that takes her around the world for more than two years.


The sequel of "Top Gun" practically canceled tragic death of film director Tony Scott on August 19 of this year rocked the idea that a sequel would be filmed for the movie "Top Gun" after he agreed to do it. Today the cancellation of the project is closer than ever.


George Michael canceled his tour in Australia due to "severe anxiety"
It has not even been a year of terrible disease that took to George Michael on the brink of death when, again, the singer must necessarily suspend the Australian tour due mostly to post-trauma that caused pneumonia last winter.


British Sonisphere is canceled by the crisis
Sonisphere Knebworth, the franchise of the British rock music festival, with a branch also in Spain, today announced the cancellation of its 2012 edition because of the crisis and unable to cope with the costs that this event would cause.