Lady Gaga has delayed several concerts for suffering synovitis

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Pop diva, music, concert, tour, Born this way tour, 2013Lady Gaga said in a statement that the singer suffers an inflammation in the joints that prevents her from walking: Because of this ailment has had to cancel several concerts of the tour that takes her around the world for more than two years.

Pop diva Lady Gaga suffers severe joint inflammation that temporarily prevents her walking, a disease that has forced her to cancel several upcoming concert of her world tour in North America. She suffers synovitis, an inflammation that sometimes leads to a sprain, strain or injury.

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Pop diva, music, concert, tour, Born this way tour, 2013
In the statement, Lady Gaga has left seeing all his followers her disappointment and inability to do anything about this disease that she has been hiding at her entire team to they not realize that she was suffering: "I fully devastated and heartbroken. I've been hiding this injury and pain to my team for a month, praying for healing, but after the performance last night, I could not walk".

She also informed her followers via her Twitter account: "I hope I recover as soon as possible, I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and I'm sorry".

Lady Gaga has been on the road for two years with her world tour 'Born This Way Ball'. Her website showed concert dates until March 20.

The tour over 200 concerts has led to the singer to every continent placing it as the sixth highest-grossing tour of 2012 according to Billboard magazine. 

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