The French reality show "Koh-Lanta" becomes damn

TF1, Koh-Lanta, France, television, program, reality showThe French reality show of survival "Koh-Lanta" is news again by another tragic death on television. This time it was the physician of the program found dead after committing suicide. With this are two people dead, the first was a contestant.

Hardly a week has passed since it was learned the tragic news that a contestant on the French private television TF1, "Koh-Lanta" had died of a heart attack in the first race of the first day of shooting in the town of Cambodia, when publishing the news that the reality TV doctor has committed suicide.

Following the suspension of the season of the reality-show for the death of 25 years contestant Gerald Babin who felt unwell at the end of the testing day and died of a heart attack in the transfer by helicopter to hospital, the Dr. Thierry Costa, 38, a physician for four years of "Koh-Lanta", is found dead in Cambodia with a handwritten note explaining the reason for the suicide.

TF1, Koh-Lanta, France, television, program, reality show
In the place where the body was found, have found a physician's own handwritten letter in which, according to information from the French newspaper Le Monde, in which he wrote: "These days, my name has been tarnished in the media. Accusations unfair and assumptions were pronounced against me. During 20 years (...), I have always strived to work hard, to respect my patients and love of medicine, according to the Hippocratic oath. I have a feeling that now all these efforts were reduced to nothing by the fake items ... "

The official version that gave the producer of the TV program in the death of the participant indicates that, after being treated by medical professionals in place, the doctor decided that he was taken by helicopter to a hospital. During the travel to the hospital, the boy suffered a heart failure, doctors could only certify his death.

TF1, Koh-Lanta, France, television, program, reality showBut as in any tragic event, there is always a contrary party. An anonymous witness reported recently in the French press that the producer of the television program prevented the doctor to intervene immediately and although the producer Adventure Line Productions (ALP) has shown its intention to file a complaint for defamation, two statements confirm the first version of events in an interview with Closer magazine, explaining that, when Gerald Babin finished the 200m swim test, he was hard to catch breath and instead of letting him rest as well it should have been it, the program made him go from the traditional interview to get his impressions.

According to information from the broadcaster RTL, the contestant autopsy has not revealed the existence of any cardiac abnormality which means described as "a great athlete".

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