CNBC emits negative publicity about itself

CNBC, cnbc.com, televisionFOX Business launches campaign that accuses CNBC for intimidating managers, with this attack, CNBC is publishing and broadcasting negative publicity about itself.

Something really strange is happening in the world of American television. The TV channel Fox Business has launched an advertising campaign accusing competitor CNBC of intimidating at business managers inviting his programs. Fox Business, owned by News Corporation, has even hired an advertising space for CNBC.

CNBC, cnbc.com, Fox Business, television, newspaper, attackThe announcement, published in the journal The Wall Street Journal refers to a strict policy of CNBC why his guests can not visit competing programs, the economic chains FOX Business and Bloomberg.

The ad reads:  "Why CNBC bullying CEOs?". Before that they write: "CNBC to guests: Come to us first, or don't come to us at all.". The announcement completes offering some hypotheses to explain the behavior of CNBC: "A. CNBC's rating are down  -  B. CNBC is worried about being outbooked  -  C. NBC is worried abous Fox Business  -  D. All of the above". The solution, of course,  turns out to be letter D.

Although really unusual part is that FOX Business has also included the campaign in prime time on CNBC, which emits negative publicity about itself.

Will we see in the future to Sesame Street intimidating their guests to not go to other neighborhoods or cities like Springfield where the Simpsons live?


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