Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen back in bed together

Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, cinema, film, television, Anger Management, Scary Movie 5Lindsay Lohan rejoins the name of Charlie Sheen, again both end up in bed. Not that were caught red-handed in one house in a compromising position, the series "Anger Management" is to blame for this peculiar reunion.

Since Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen were known in the fifth of the comic series "Scary Movie", their lives have come together again and again both in real life and in the news. So much so that it seems to have become a habit that both players end up in bed.

This time the culprit is the series "Anger Management" starring American actor on U.S. television network FX in which he plays Charlie Goodson, a therapist who specializes in anger management and that this time the patient will seek professional help will be Lindsay Lohan interpreting herself.

It will be the first time Lohan returns to the small screen after failure caused by the television series "Liz & Dick" and the criticism that she got for playing the actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, cinema, film, television, Anger Management, Scary Movie 5
Although the voices say that the appearance of the actress in one of the episodes of "Anger Management" has more to do with the great expectations that are causing both players in the news and in the attempt to make the series get more audience as it seems be who is not having the desired effect, other voices say it's a publicity stunt by the nearby premiere of the film "Scary movie 5" in which both actors shared bed scene.

"Scary Movie 5" is scheduled to premiere in April just the same month that is set to air the episode of the series of Charlie Sheen. The recording of the event is scheduled to begin in two weeks.

All this is causing a number of rumors being somewhat little benefit for the two actors but very lucrative for the television series.

We all know that Charlie Sheen, as a good friend who has become of the actress, has helped Lohan by giving him a check for $100,000 to take over the debt it owes to the Treasury and it seems that this situation has no end. Lohan in gratitude sent him a bouquet of flowers, according to entertainment website TMZ.

For this and other reasons there has been talk of interest of Sheen for having an affair with Lindsay Lohan. But rumors fade apparently because she refused to kiss him as part of the filming because, supposedly said, "I did not know where his mouth had been". The actor also denied his interest in her because "she's not the kind of girl I like".

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