Demi Lovato releases new single on March 4

Demi Lovato, music, Disney, Heart Attack, Factor X, televisionRumors have been clarified and herself has been who has become known on her Twitter account the date of her first single of the new musical work of Demi Lovato. On March 4 premieres "Heart Attack".

She has not stopped working on all this time and worked very hard. Since appearing as the jury in the musical talent show "X Factor", Demi Lovato has been very involved in the TV show but also she gives composition and recording at her new musical work after "Unbroken" published in September 2011.

So much so that it has scheduled the release of the first single from her new musical work. On March 4 will debut "Heart Attack", although we don't know anything about the title of the new album that will have a pure pop music style as she said before, although we can intuit a short electronic musical touch as we heard at the end of video and colud be the beginning of her new single.

Demi Lovato, music, Disney, Heart Attack, Factor X, televisionWith an overwhelming desire to make it known, Demi Lovato posted the news on her Twitter account a few hours ago. In no time, thanks to her nearly 12 million followers on her account, it has become Trending Topic (TT) the fantastic hashtag #LovaticsAreHavingaHeartAttack: "My new single #HeartAttack available March 4"

This new album presents it very personal for Demi Lovato and, opening up to everything that has happened, now, in her life. In the promotional video of "Heart Attack", we hear her say: "For a while, I could tell when people talk to me they knew my story. I think I opened more on this album. My life begins to evolve and start to grow. These are songs about the celebrations of life and how rewarding it can be".

Besides being news today for this reason, Demi Lovato has made headlines in the last week about her personal level for her great decision, and very smart decision, to live in a residence where she will be under constant supervision to overcome her psychological problems that much suffering has been causing her in the last two years and that she has fallen occasionally with a very positive end. We hope a very happy final very soon of this nightmare.

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