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George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are lost in the space of "Gravity"

Gravity, Warner Bros, Hollywood, film, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock
Warner Bros has revealed the first trailer for "Gravity" by Alfonso Cuarón, in which George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are faced with the vastness and loneliness of outer space after a terrible accident that will take them to the limit of his mental strength.


Warner Bros negotiates the return of "Gremlins"

Gremlins, Gizmo, 1984, film, cinema, Hollywood
Warner Bros wants to follow the bandwagon of remakes and sequels of the latest movies and famous movie. The decade of the 80's where all eyes are focused to produce a huge amount of new versions. Of course they have set in one of the great successes of this period the "Gremlins".


Life of John McAfee, the creator of the antivirus, becomes film

John McAfee, Hollywood, cinema, film, biopicNever an antirivus had much impact in Tinseltown. Rather, the creator of the popular antivirus, John McAfee, that due to recent events in his personal life in Hollywood has set it to make a movie of his life. Welcome to the creativity of cinema.


Alexander Skarsgard is the new Tarzan actor Alexander Skarsgard has been chosen by British filmmaker David Yates to play the legendary character of Tarzan. Although we will see a more modern character than we are used to and far from the story of his creator.


Hollywood is planning a sequel to "Casablanca"

It's been 70 years since Rick (Humphrey Bogart) say goodbye to Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) and her boarding a plane to the United States, which seemed a definitive end to one of the best films in the history of cinema, "Casablanca". But according to rumors, that plane has a return ticket.


Warner Bros. prepares the return of "The Jungle Book" Bros. movie studios plan to return to film "The Jungle Book" in a version with actors of flesh and blood, said today the online edition of Variety magazine. Project are already in negotiations to direct and produce the new project to the big screen.


Hollywood tried to do business with Megaupload Tuesday, the New Zealand press has published several Hollywood studios may have entered into negotiations long before the FBI intervened web page content, Megaupload, accused by U.S. of hacking. Is not gold all that glitters.


Warner Bros freezes, again, "Akira" the Warner Bros. gave the nod for the film adaptation of Akira, has taken the provisional closure of the production offices to review the film, again, on budget.