Universal announces new sequel of "Chucky, the devil doll"

After several rumors about a possible remake of the classic "Chucky, the evil doll" has been reported that this year will start production of "The Curse of Chucky", which will be a sequel to the film shot in 2004.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is prepared to start shooting a new sequel in Canada to the film's scariest doll for the month of September and premiering in 2013.

The news was made ​​public months after the actor and voice of the doll for nearly twenty years, Brad Dourif, said that there was a possibility of a sequel and even see on screen a remake of it.

For now, it is safe around this new sequel will be released on DVD and not go through the big screen, what this could lead to joy and disappointment of the followers of Chucky.

The sixth installment will be entitled "The Curse of Chucky" and will, cone could not be otherwise, with the direction and script of its creator, Don Mancini. It expects it to be purely of terror aside comedy dyes were in the previous two productions.

http://static.tvazteca.com/imagenes/2012/26/Filmar-sexta-parte-1595265.jpgThe plot of the movie is said that will focus on the damage it will cause the doll Chucky in a dysfunctional family he meets at a funeral. The family will include Nica, a young woman in a wheelchair since birth obliged to support her manipulative sister, adulterous brother, little niece and babysitter of the latter. When people start to appear dead at the scene, Nica discover that the culprit appears to be the odd doll that you sent a couple of days before and which has life.

Depending on the success of this delivery will be discussed remake or not, so we can consider that this movie will be like a trial balloon for a possible re-issue and even future projects of this "adorable" doll.

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