"Need for Speed", will debut at the cinema in 2014

http://img.vidaextra.com/2012/06/need-for-speed-dreamworks.jpgDreamworks, the dream factory of Steven Spielberg, has announced that the franchise film about car racing game "Need for Speed" was released in 2014, after seeing the great success that the film saga car "The Fast and The Furious".

It seems that video games have become popular on the big screen and, again, a new series of games, in this case "Need for Speed" wants to give the bell at the movies and get the same success achieved by the series starring and captained by actor Vin Diesel.

So Steven Spielberg will insert it in the project, as chairman of DreamWorks, besides being the producer of another film franchise as "Transformers".

Spielberg, very excited, said: "I am excited about returning to the trenches creative with John and George Gatins and my fellow EA to give life to a script based on an epic amazing game that seems made for the cinema. It's a great piece for the business of DreamWorks.".

http://www.darkhorizons.com/assets/0017/7250/need_article.jpg?1334639956From Dreamworks also commented: "This adjustment will have a fast paced, high octane rooted in the tradition of automotive films of the seventies. While it will remain faithful to the video game franchise.".

At the moment there is already a director, Scott Waught. The shooting of the film would begin early next year. The brothers George and John Gatins, writer of "Real Steel" and "Coach Carter", will be responsible for developing the story, as has been stated, will be unlike any ever seen in the video game franchise.

The saga of "Need for Speed", for people who do not know which videogame although we doubt strongly,  is a super racing game sales worldwide. With the launch of its first title in the series has sold over 140 million units worldwide, generating a profit of no more and no less than 4,000 million dollars.

So we can imagine that Spielberg's talent and imagination of the brothers Gatins, we expect the first movie of "Need for Speed​​" to become a success worldwide and to become successful and wealthy in other racing series.

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