Madonna shows her ass to the Italian

The singer Madonna has found that taste of teaching body parts in each concert performed by cities worldwide. This time has been her ass showing who has finished in front of the fans who were present at the concert held in Rome.

It appears that the praise that the American singer is hosting its 53 years of age and as a result of the concerts taking place in his world tour "MDNA" Madonna has managed to grow even more above the stage.

Madonna continues to fixate on her tour and his album "MDNA" itself known throughout the world although this includes getting into controversy wherever he goes and what to sing. It seems that so far, that strategy works. At least before the Turks and now, before the Italians.

In the Turkish capital, Istanbul, Madonna raised the ire of the religious leaders of that country when taking off clothes while going sang the song "Human Nature" ended up teaching a chest to get out of the bra that little or nothing, covered his body. This time has been in the Italian capital, Rome, where Madonna has once again grown to flaunt their body getting off the pants of her dress and black thong showing her butt and looking under the top grid and and with a slogan written on his back "No fear" (without fear), implying that it matters very little to say about her gigs. Of course, the Italians enjoyed both the concert and the rear of Italian origin, the singer.

We imagine that their fans are already making bets on what the body part Madonna show in the next concert.


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