Seven year old girl awoke from a coma with songs by Adele

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OgrPzIRtVX8/TxyEpZI6EtI/AAAAAAAAAPs/HMp9NQ4o9Q0/s1600/adele-68.jpgAs reported by the British newspaper The Sun, a girl of seven years in a coma due to cerebral hemorrhage has awakened from the lethargy of mind when your mother humming a song by Adele.

It is said that music soothes the savage beast and, often, the songs and melodies miracles. This latter is what happened to Charlotte Neve, a girl of seven years for a fatal double operation in the brain fell into a coma from which, according to doctors, she would never awaken.

But when a melodious voice makes possible the magic in the air of a concert or a closed room where it sounds all around music and voice, that magic can come true. And this time, the British soul singer, blues, pop, and jazz; Adele, like angel from heaven, has brought about a miracle. That's what the doctors say after Charlotte awoke from the coma.

http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01530/Charlotte-Neve-2_1530997a.jpgThis seven year old girl was in the hospital for a brain hemorrhage that she suffered and that nearly killed her.

This whole sad story with a happy ending, beginning a few months ago when the little one begins to find evil, then her mother takes her to the doctor. The doctors discovered a massive hemorrhage in the main artery that runs along the back of the brain and the only way to stop it was operating it. The bleeding, which is very rare for someone her age, had left her unable to see or speak. She had two operations. After that, she was in a coma, so the doctors told Leila, her mother, it was best to say goodbye to her daughter on and off the machines that kept her alive.

When Leila was about to give a last embrace to Charlotte and disconnect was heard in a small radio that was next to her bed the song "Rolling In The Deep" by singer Adele, who used to sing a song together before operation.

http://www.antena3.com/clipping/2012/06/19/00118/31.jpgWithout thinking twice, her mother began to sing that song, Charlotte began to smile in front of the astonished doctors, and strangely out of the coma, two months later she began to get out of bed, talking, identify colors and finally came the hospital. She has returned to school and attend dance classes.

Thanks to the love of her mother, music, of course, and Adele in particular, this little girl has come to life and can follow a normal life with her family and friends and doing all things that she likes.

All those people who ever Adele harshly criticized for her appearance or anything else, now, they should think twice when they say something about her. Her music has saved a life and that's what really matters.

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Casey Madison said...

It was most likely the mother's voice singing a familiar song that they both liked. Still it is good news. Please people, take note and tell others of this. Sounds, smells, voices, a touch can all bring a person back. Try everything. If the doctors tell you there is no hope, keep trying.