The Rolling Stones would retire at Glastonbury 2013

http://www.rctv.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Rolling-Stones.jpgThe iconic and legendary British rock and roll band, Rolling Stone, prepares for its 50th anniversary in 2013 on the stages and also the final retirement could be confirmed as a band.

According to comments from some British media, such as the Sunday Mirror and the Daily Mail, their satanic majesties might be thinking about the final withdrawal of the scenarios for 2013 in a group of actions in which the final concert farewell would be on stage at the Glastonbury festival.

And although the old rockers never die, the components of the British band combines certain age have and to reflect the continued need for the stage waving as we are accustomed in their concerts. Although the forces begin to fail and the years take their toll. But tell that to Keith Richards, and says that his health is not very good and have had to postpone a world tour they planned for this year 2012. According to comments, which the Rolling Stones are preparing for 2013 would be a series of concerts in the United Kingdom and the United States.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9SZIfqrnSnU/T4Q3Y8s2f5I/AAAAAAAAD_I/92Xl68FoN8c/s400/The+Rolling+Stones+therollingstonesrankin.jpgThe news would not be liked by all their fans if the rumors are confirmed, although for years heard rumors of the removal of the rock band and never produces a good thing for music in general.

A source close to the band has commented that: "All four members have agreed that next year is the right time to have one final hurrah and put on the gig of their lives. It's a case of now or never, and obviously Glastonbury is the most important festival on the circuit."

Still, Mick Jagger, 68, says he does not want to be away from family for so long, and Keith Richards, also 68, has left the hectic lifestyle as he had in each of the tours. Charlie Watts, 71, has never been a fan of life on the road. However, Ronnie Wood, 65, gave a strong indication that the band was preparing a return, saying: "Looks like we'll be doing more."

Anyway, the Rolling Stones are generating rumors but not above the stage. The denial or confirmation can only give it themselves.

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