"E.T, The Extra-Terrestrial" by Steven Spielberg turns 30 years

http://images.wikia.com/salvamehermano/es/images/8/87/Et.jpgOn June 11, 1982, the U.S. theaters, screened the film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial". The film directed by the director, screenwriter and film producer Steven Spielberg became a hit instantly. Today, the most lovable alien of movie history, turns 30 years old.

 Perhaps the first few seconds we saw E.T. on the movie screen, we could be scary. View a dwarf who as the head was a foot backwards but had eyes, arms nearly trailed on the ground, legs, large eyes and a neck that rose and fell according to the curiosity of the alien. But a few minutes we came over filling our hearts, of child, of love and affection. 

http://cronoplayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/et.jpgEveryone, with a relative age over 30 years, has in mind a scene from the film it was very brief. We remember when the child fell ill Elliot with ET, we remember the scene where the little alien disguised himself with a wig, dress and hat and drunk. All are amazed when we saw flying bicycles of children while ET was hiding in the basket of the bicycle of the child. And what is sure better remember Gertie when she was hurt and the adorable ET illuminated the tip of his finger in front of the eyes of the girl, and healed the child. 

Its creator, the thinking mind of all this, was the film director Steven Spielberg, who in a single movie mixed joy and sadness, tears and laughter, doubt, fear and a very happy ending but which left everyone with tears. 

And is that Steven Spielberg, the love for beings from other planets had already been demonstrated in previous films such as the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in which we can not forget that brief five-note melody musical communicate with extraterrestrials. But this time, the film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" exceeded the boundaries of science fiction to become a classic family film. 

http://tiendas.fnac.es/murcia/files/2012/02/et-y-spielberg.jpegThe film went through the Cannes Festival outside the official section but came to receive such an ovation from the audience that eclipsed all films were in competition. Later that was reflected in nine Oscar nominations and four awards for outstanding soundtrack of John Williams, plus other technical categories. 

Spielberg gave also the opportunity for two young promises throughout cinema and private life have had their successes and failures until the day that both are succeeding in appearances on television and in movies. 

Henry Thomas (Elliot) and Drew Barrymore (Gertie) performing to the delight of the public and all who made ​​this work of art. Thomas landed the role of Elliot why do mourn and mourn got Spielberg as recalled in the casting, dressed in Indiana Jones, how he had killed his dog. A good method, even as a child, to make a great dramatic role. With Drew Barrymore, the granddaughter of legendary actor John Barrymore was something totally different that stunned the director. Drew was only six years, but it showed an incredible ease. In a time of testing, Spielberg asked him to tell a story of her childhood, she began to tell, one after another really amazing stories that supposedly had happened, even an exciting adventure with a band of punk rock music. The director was so taken aback with the inventiveness of amazement as Drew, who gave her the role immediately. 

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-IVlmioHow80/TpfnqE--xII/AAAAAAAABAU/KGsyLJYkK6k/s1600/ET-EL-EXTRATERRESTRE-foto2.jpgThe idea of ​​this particular story did not display until the end of 1979, when Steven Spielberg came across with screenwriter Melissa Mathison, who was the wife of actor Harrison Ford. Spielberg was filming at Elstree Studios in London and one day Mathison told him to write the story of a boy who made ​​friends with an alien. The writer does not it funny the story was explaining and missed several weeks before answering. But one day Mathison became clear that the story was attractive. He sent a draft to Spielberg, who was delighted with the work and hired her in October 1980 as he began the assembly of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". In just two months, Mathison had already completed the first treatment of the script. 

In regard to E.T. originally was a fat baby, nice and short stature coming from a warm planet with a gravity far greater than that of planet Earth. Spielberg wanted with a profile similar to Donald Duck and a face full of blends: I wanted the eyes of Einstein and Hemingway Gill. He tried in vain photomontages and all seemed too ridiculous, but some of them left their mark on the final character as we have known. 

The reasons why "E.T: The Extra-terrestrial" has passed into history are countless. The tape remained ten years as the highest grossing film in history. Ademñas, also has entries such as "best science fiction film in history" according to Rotten Tomatoes or Empire magazine named to the scene of Elliot and E.T. jumping in front of the moon with the bike the most magical moment in the history of cinema. 

Many are the memories and anecdotes of those who have seen the film, a film that even 30 years later, arouses curiosity, smiles and tears of big and small people. Never is too late to be a child again for a moment.


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