Metallica helps the FBI in a murder case

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/07/Metallica_at_The_O2_Arena_London_2008.jpg/265px-Metallica_at_The_O2_Arena_London_2008.jpgThe American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California, Metallica, has filmed a video asking for any information that helps find the man who killed a girl after a concert by the group.

The group leader James Hetfield and the rest of the components of Metallica have stepped up to the FBI in an advertising campaign to catch a man by the death of a student who disappeared in 2009 after the girl was in a concert of the band and it has not yet been resolved by the FBI.

Morgan Harrington, 20 year old student at Virginia Tech who aspired to be a teacher, disappeared after attending a concert in Charlottesville, Virginia, in October 2009. Her skeletal remains were found three months later and 16 miles from venue of the concert.

Within the campaign to try to find this man, portraits of the suspect will be installed at bus stops and digital billboards across the U.S. east coast. On the Internet and, especially, on Youtube circulated a video of lead singer James Hetfield, which asks the community to denounce the individual or notify the police if you think that has recognized the suspect.

http://img.emol.com/2012/06/13/joven-desaparecida_23529.jpgThe singer stands in the video: "Remember, any information, however small you think it could be a key that researchers may need to help solve the case" .

The FBI said the suspect has been linked by DNA evidence to a sexual assault in September 2005 in Fairfax City, Virginia, where a woman who was returning home after buying was attacked from behind, dragged into a warehouse and attacked.

The authorities of the Jefferson area offer a $ 100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest true the murderer and the group Metallica also offers turn over $ 50,000 to the reward.

The murdered girl's family has said the group was interested in them and the case from the first moment they heard of what happened.

Any help is little to find this person but if we add the popularity of musical artists such as Metallica, help may be higher. 


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