First images of Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher"

Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher, cinema, film, HollywoodThanks to the website Entertainment Weekly and Empire, have released the first photos of actor Tom Cruise in his new movie "Jack Reacher" an adaptation of the literary work of British writer Lee Child produced by Paramount Pictures.

So elegant, it has Tom Cruise in his new film project "Jack Reacher" directed by the director, producer and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie on an American adaptation of the ninth novella entitled "One Shot", one of the nineteen that Lee  Child has written and and whose main character is Jack Reacher.

Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher, cinema, film, HollywoodCruise plays this character, a decorated former military policeman who is investigating five murders by a sniper expert working for the army.

The story is about a man armed mayhem when firing into a crowd of people in a public plaza in Indiana. Five people are killed in cold blood, shot in the head. However, it leaves a perfect trail of evidence to go after him, and soon the local police chief is his track. After his arrest, the shooter's only words are, "Bring me Jack Reacher for me". Do not doubt for a moment that Jack Reacher's there. From here you will have to go see a movie that is not funny explaining even the end of it. 

Tom Cruise. Jack Reacher, cinema, film, HollywoodApart from Tom Cruise as the main character, the cast is completed with actors Robert Duvall and Richard Jenkins, the British actress Rosamund Pike, who will play a defense attorney called Helen Rodin and this will protect the man allegedly responsible for the deaths and Reacher would work with to bring the real culprits to justice. Also involved in film German filmmaker Werner Herzog, who is known to be playing a mysterious character named Zec.

The premiere of "Jack Reacher" is scheduled to be on 21 December of this year in the United States, since it is known that the film is in postproduction.

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