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Demi Lovato releases new single on March 4

Demi Lovato, music, Disney, Heart Attack, Factor X, televisionRumors have been clarified and herself has been who has become known on her Twitter account the date of her first single of the new musical work of Demi Lovato. On March 4 premieres "Heart Attack".


Contestant of 540 pounds wheelchair revolutionizes the American version of X Factor
Freddie Combs, a guy in a wheelchair in Thursday night was presented to one of the auditions of American musical talent show, X Factor, left with their mouths open to the jury and stood up to the public of the program.


Demi Lovato wants to sing with Eminem that they are two names that reconcile a lot, but today in the music world everything is possible and can get really explosive duos or collaborations. This is the case with Demi Lovato, the former Disney actress wants to do a duet with rapper Eminem.


Demi Lovato criticizes harshly, Disney has been forced to withdraw two episodes of his TV show in America, Shake it up, after being criticized for "the promotion of eating disorders." One of the harshest criticism came from former Disney actress Demi Lovato which was treated for the disease last year.


Demi Lovato back to Timberline Knolls singer Demi Lovato has returned to the treatment center where she was admitted last year to recover from health problems he had during his previous musical tour. She went to talk about everything that happened.


Demi Lovato returns to the stage with " World Tour Unbroken" Lovato becomes stronger after overcoming a major crisis in your life and have had to be hospitalized for a while to recover from the psychological and emotional problems that has caused all the stress that produces the series have a race between TV, movies, music albums and tours throughout the world and other personal problems.

With a new album in the music market entitled "Unbroken" Demi shows all his fans and the whole world that, despite what happened, is still in one piece and eager to continue his career.