"Jurassic Park 4" will be released in June 2014

Jurassic Park, Hollywood, cinema, film, Steven SpielbergThe Hollywood film studios, Universal Pictures, announced in a statement Saturday that the fourth part of the series "Jurassic Park" will hit U.S. theaters in June 2014. It will be involved Steven Spielberg.

We had just over three months of rumors that have been appearing every other day also the possibility that it could release another movie of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals but until today Universal Pictures has not communicated the news. This is something that please so much to fans of the series "Jurassic Park" and enjoy its fourth installment.

Another of the surprises announced in the statement is also will feature film director Steven Spielberg but will not be behind the camera but he will be the producer of the new film doing the same thing with the sequel of "Tintin" in which neither will be directing these semi animated characters.

Jurassic Park, Hollywood, cinema, film, Steven Spielberg
Little more we know about the film. The story will focus on the plot of the film has not been officially revealed nor has any details as to who will be the director who will be in charge of the project or which actors participate in the film. Today, movie studios and Hollywood producers have everything very well hidden so we do not know anything.

We do know that one of the producers of the series of "Jurassic Park" has some doubts about whether to shoot or not a new movie. In one of her recent statements Kathleen Kennedy said: "It is difficult to continue with a franchise when you know that there are expectations and a desire of the public hearing and move on".

Other things we do know about the fourth installment of "Jurassic Park" is that you can also enjoy 3D, just as you enjoy the original film in the series will be re-released in April with the new format . So we see these sweet dinosaurs like they were before us. Hopefully there is no shock to regret.

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