Daniel Radcliffe wants to win an award for his gay kiss

Daniel Radcliffe, cinema, film, Hollywood, Harry Potter, Kill your darlingsActor Daniel Radcliffe, some still known for his starring role in "Harry Potter", has decided to hang a medal for having kissed with actor Dane DeHaan in another film that is no longer related to the fantasy film, magicians, wands magic and broomsticks.

Everybody  we have ever seen on the big screen as two boys or two girls kissing in a movie, but it seems that Daniel Radcliffe believes that he is the first actor kissing another actor in a movie and he desires that give him a MTV award for doing that.

Daniel has just finished shooting the film "Kill Your Darlings" by John Krokidas in which he has played the American poet Allen Ginsberg. In one scene that is nothing scandalous, Radcliffe has to kiss another boy, the American actor Dane DeHaan.

In an interview with the entertainment site Vulture, Radcliffe said how hard it was for him to do this such scenes and how he had some problems with the director.

Daniel Radcliffe, cinema, film, Hollywood, Harry Potter, Kill your darlings
But it was not all that bad. Daniel Radcliffe is proud of all the effort he has made to make this film and specifically such scenes, including gay kiss, and the advices that he recieved of John Krokidas for doing better. This is what Daniel said: "My favorite John Krokidas direction moment was when we started kissing. I guess I was way too hesitant about it in the moment, and John just went, 'No! Kiss him! Fucking sex kissing!' That was my favorite note that I've gotten, probably in my career".

But not all end here. Daniel has not had enough and still boasting of the kiss between the two actors. So much so that he wants to win the MTV Award for Best Kiss of the year: "You know, I think that will be wonderful! Dane and I are banging the drum already because we want the MTV Best Kiss award. We want that golden popcorn! To my knowledge, a sincere, passionate, romantic gay kiss has never won, so I think that would be a very cool thing for this movie to receive".

Is it necessary to give an award to Daniel Radcliffe because he has kissed a guy in a movie? We think that this guy still has to be updated a lot about the world in which we live. That two girls or two boys kissing on the big screen it's no scandal. Although for someone it be yet.

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