The music we expect in 2013 (II)

new year, 2013We continue with what is to come this year musically in 2013 that is presented fairly loaded with new features and reunions. Waiting a few surprises as we have lived for the past 2012.

Another of the "boy band" The Wanted, plans to publish new musical material during 2013. The boys decided to postpone the release of their new album for Christmas and they had not quite finished. So it will be for the month of April when their new work entitled "Third Strike" goes on sale and we've already heard two songs like "Chasing the Sun" or "I Found You". But the kids want a 2013 full of work so also plan to do a world tour to promote and, if things go as expected, issued another album later this year. They will have to either synchronize schedules so that everything goes as they plan.

The Wanted, music
The second half of 2013 also looks move in reference to new releases, concerts, festivals and guest appearances.

How could it be otherwise, yet just finishing her world tour "Born This Way Tour", Lady Gaga will present a new album that takes time talking about it. Although it was said that it would be in early spring, "Artpop" will be released on June 29 this year. It is expected that this new music work will have known voice collaboration in some compositions. Meanwhile Mother Monster continues to ensure that she have written so many songs to release an album every month. But better relax and do one every year so no reason to get tired of listening to Pop diva.

Next release although no specific date is that of the Irish band U2. There is not much information on this new album but we do know the title, "The Songs of Ascent" unless late decide Bono and his trade it for something more mystical. The launch will be during the second half of 2013. Hopefully these weeks we know more.

U2, musicThe "directioners" are also in luck during this 2013. Besides the album released in November 2012 entitled "Take me home", the boys of One Direction are preparing a world tour which is scheduled to be start in April in Europe. And last but not least, on 30 August, the group released a documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock, American director who made ​​the documentary "Super Size Me". Do not worry, you will not have anything to do with whether the kids eat right or wrong but will discuss the particular group and its soaring after finishing third in the musical talent show "X Factor".

But these are not the only artists to publish new album this year. Rihanna has a streak that album for year surely be preparing new material while being entertained by posting photos on social networking own a fairly high eroticism. It will be one of the few artists who can combine an album a year with this type of "goodies" to her fans and the general public.

music, Elton John
There's more, of course there's more. In the waiting room of new music publications and rumors of possible releases have artists and bands like AC / DC, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Elton John, Cher, Celine Dion, Bad Religion, Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, Smashing Pumpkins , Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Akon, Black Sabbath, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Rock Stewart, the Stone Roses, Garbage and a long list of other post which need longer than this.

Eventful 2013, well loaded with artists wanting to make new album and we end up liking it and end up buying. Yes, buy, do not want anyone to download of the internet. We must not let disappear the moment the only thing that makes life more enjoyable after all we're going. It is also working for artists, producers, all kinds of workers in the world of music and film, and to continue to enjoy good and great artists as well as new stars.


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