Some pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger having sex could be published

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator, cinema, film, Hollywood, The ExpendablesMore than a film artist could be in a real bind after a businessman has purchased container that belonged to who was founder of Penthouse. He found a lot of intimate photos of several well-known people, including Arnold Schwarzenegger in embarrassing situation.

Financier and entrepreneur from New Jersey, spent over two decades on Wall Street, Jeremy Frommer recently bought some stores that belonged to Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione. What has been the surprise of Frommer to find hundreds of intimate photos of famous celebrities among whom were Madonna, Lauren Hutton and former California Governor, Arnold Schawzenegger.

Frommer will have in his possession all pornographic pictures a large majority of known artists, but the photos that seem interested are about actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as these pictures are quite embarrassing. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator, cinema, film, Hollywood, The ExpendablesIn the photos he appears not only naked, but he is seen having sex. For each of them, erotic video site YouPorn.com has come to offer the unthinkable amount of $ 150,000. A genuine outrage if they want to blackmail the future Terminator.

The words of the spokesman of the site at the website TMZ sound more money than a simple comment: "Let's face it. The value of this whole story is in the pictures of Schwarzenegger".

If former governor of California has not had a good return to the big screen, even worse is the possible return of Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver, divorced the actor in 2011 for an affair with his domestic helper, Mildred Baena, whom he knew who had a child over ten years ago.

Yet the actor still hopes to be back with his ex-wife: "Yes, I firmly believe that we will return. Maria and I still have contact. When you have children, you better not lose contact. Maria and I have a great relationship".

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