Marvel aims to Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Hollywood, Guardians of the Galaxy, cinema, filmMarvel is doing as much as possible to "Guardians of the Galaxy" becomes a comedy of high level, at least they try it. So they still groping the agendas of the actors to see their availability and form part of this blockbuster. For now is eyeing the agendas of Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler.

The casting process of Marvel Studios is unstoppable. Looking for the best to make a quality comedy. At least that's what seems, as yet no one has signed nor even for supporting roles. For now they seems as vulture that flies in search of food, Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are on the menu to join the cast of "Guardians of the Galaxy" to be directed by American filmmaker James Gunn.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel, cinema, cartoons, film, Hollywood
For if anyone don't know about these characters and don't know the plot of the film, we have to move to the year 3007, in which the entire Solar System is colonized by humanity but, as usual in these cases, the interstellar race Badoon destroys all colonies and colonizes the Earth. Among this, there is an american pilot that ending in space amid a universal conflict and will have to escape with a group of ex-convicts of the future which one of them has something that everyone wants.

Carrey and Sandler are not the only ones that the comics factory have been closely monitoring for some of the characters in the film. according to the website Latino Reviews, the movie studios are holding contacts with actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Rosenbaum, John Krasisnki, Jim Sturgess, Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell and Cam Gigandet. They all seem to be in the list of casting for the title role of  Star-Lord.

Filming is plans to begin in summer of this year in London to release on August 1, 2014 in theaters. this will be possible if begin to add names to the team of actors, because if this does not materialize soon James Gunn will have to draw them.

While we wait more news of "Guardians of the Galaxy", Marvel already has a date for the movie "Iron Man 3" that will hit in theaters in April 2013.

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