Chris Brown might go to jail for assaulting Frank Ocean

Chris Brown, rap, music, RihannaRapper Chris Brown, the guy who is compared to Jesus Christ, could go to jail after having a fight with another rapper, Frank Ocean. He is increasingly known for his regular and continuous bickering controversial than for his music.

The last argument of a long list of fights and punches could sprout quite expensive because Chris Brown has been involved in a fight with Frank Ocean, known American composer, of New Orleans, who has written songs for artists such as Beyonce, Brandy and John Legend.

It all happened around a recording studio in Los Angeles, where Chris Brown was listening to a singer who Brown is his representative musical. Some who were at that time in the event ensures that when Chris Brown was ready to leave the study, Frank Ocean and his entourage blocked his way blocking the exit.

According to information provided by the website TMZ, Frank Ocean clear said a few words to Chris Brown: "This is my studio and this is my parking lot".

Chris Brown with the intention that this situation does not come over, he approached Frank Ocean to shake hands as a sign of apology, but a friend of Ocean does not seem to agree that Brown would apologize for what started the brawl pouncing on him.

Chris Brown, Rihanna, music, rap
Was such a fight that the police had to go to the scene to intervene between the two singers and their gangs, but arrived late because Chris Brown had left the studio.

Although not presented any charges and there were no arrests, police questioned Chris Brown wants to investigate more about what happened, because Frank Ocean told a completely different version of what might have happened ensuring that he had been the victim.

Of course Twitter could not stay out of what happened, and Frank Ocean wrote on his Twitter account: "Chris Brown and a couple of guys jumped on me. I wish that Everest had been here".

The police will have to clear this up as soon as possible and determine if Chris Brown was who started this whole fracas or was the friend of Frank Ocean. Rihanna boyfriend does not have everything in his favor because the rapper has a list of history well known to all. We'll see how the situation ends. 


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