Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back in "Terminator 5"

Arnold Schwarzenegger, cinema, film, Terminator, Hollywood, Conan, The ExpendablesIf we waited for the return of several films, some are sequels and others are adapted to 2013, as actors that they have not made ​​any films, this is the turn of Arnold Schwarzenegger who after a flop on the big screen now returns with "Terminator 5".

Everyone will remember the legendary phrase "I'll be back" in which Arnold Schwarzenegger said this in the first movie "Terminator" that was filmed in 1984 by James Cameron. Something similar has happened in the press conference which was held in London for the premiere of his new movie, "The Last Stand". Schwarzenegger confirmed to be in "Terminator 5".

It's not something that caught us off guard, from some time Arnold Schwarzenegger wants back to roll certain movies that made him famous at the time and this, no doubt, is one of them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, cinema, film, Terminator, Hollywood
In a webchat to British newspaper The Sun, Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed to be playing the part of Terminator commenting that: "They're writing right now Terminator 5. There have been some writers on it for the last year-and-a-half and they could not pull it off. We have told them over and over that they are going in the wrong direction, now they've finally got rid of those writers and they've got new really quality writers. Now they're going in the right direction. I think this year the script will be finished and we will be able to go into pre-production". 

It will not be the only action movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger will present, as well have rolled "The Expendables" and "The Tomb" with Sylvester Stallone and a few other actors in the world of action films, he plans to shoot a new delivery of "Conan, the Barbarian". But also, apart from the action movies, he will shoot "Triplets" the sequel of "Twins" alongside actor Danny DeVito and, as icing on the cake, Eddie Murphy in the role of triplet. 

We hope that Arnold not need replacement parts as occurred with his beloved Terminator, as the actor has been occasionally in the hospital from injuries sustained in some films that he has shot lately. Although, sure, that occasionally he must have told to nurses: "Hasta la vista, baby".

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