Schwarzenegger will return to be "Conan the Barbarian"

Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a deal with Universal Pictures to film a new installment of "Conan the Barbarian". Of course, he will star the lead role. Thus its origins back to the person it was released in the cinema.

Maybe he wants to return to its origins, but with his age rather should be resting or take life more calmly, or maybe he wants to close the circle of life film, which we doubt fully.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to teach muscled, 30 years later, and for that reason he shall be put back into the role of the character who introduced him to the world of cinema after having been bodybuilder and filled his body of steroid, "Conan the Barbarian".

As it will be very difficult for us to see Arnold Schwarzenegger as having less than 30 years, unless new technologies do miracles with the actor, the new film from barbarian continue the line of the previous two.

In the specialized blog Deadline, one of the producers of the film said on the continuation of the story: "The original film ended with Arnold sitting on the throne as a warrior mature and that is the path we will take. This Viking Nordic has been king, warrior, soldier, mercenary and has slept with more women than anyone, facing the last cycle of his life, and will do offering battle".

Schwarzenegger, shining in the cinema as if he's living a third youth, has much appreciation for the role that earned him the reputation it has today: "I've always loved that character and it's an honor to be asked to incarnate again.'m Looking forward Universal work with and develop the next step in this epic tale".

Conan tried to return to the big screen with a new version in 2011 that was played by actor Jason Momoa and director Marcus Nispel, but not as successful as expected and failed miserably at the box office with revenues of just 50 million U.S. dollars worldwide. The project budget was 90 million, according to the website Box Office Mojo.

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