Javier Bardem will have his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/javier-bardem-tendra-su-estrella-en-el-paseo-de-la-fama-de-hollywood/2012_10_30_8k8K6fpDxyAF1QEiWpNqm.jpg?width=642&height=482&type=height&id=jIDzaFqjd1IBcSGrWoq9I2&time=1351602550&project=lainformacionSpanish actor Javier Bardem is jumping with joy on learning from a story published by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will have a star on the Walk of Fame where just a year and half ago his wife, Penelope Cruz, got him.

The guy is in luck. He was the villain in the last James Bond film, "Skyfall", alongside actor Daniel Craig. The premiere of the film was the most watched of all that have been made in the 50 year history of the secret agent. Daniel Craig says Javier Bardem is the best character villain of all James Bond movies. And now Hollywood rewarded with a star on the Walk of the world's most famous film.

Javier Bardem has received the good news in full release of "Skyfall" in Spain, with Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris.

It will be on November 8 when Hollywood will make delivery of this precious gift that every actor dreams of having in your life. The star will be number 2484 will be installed at the doors of the El Capitan Theatre, next to his wife Penelope Cruz who received the April 1, 2011. Thus no longer will be jealous of each other as both marriage will become a "star" and so are in the recent Walk of Fame in Madrid. 

Leron Gubler, president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, said: "We are delighted to welcome Javier Bardem to the family of our Walk of Fame. We pride ourselves on the Walk of Fame have some of our most popular international figures who makes movies in near and far. this shows the diversity that this world famous sidewalk has to offer".

But while Javier Bardem has staged a villain in the premiere of "Skyfall" in Spanish Theater of Madrid would be on the side of "good boys".

During the photocall where Javier Bardem posed with the two protagonists of the film, we heard the screams of the employees of the Spanish Theatre before the dispute Theatre managers and workers by the threat of layoffs because, so say those who command, the crisis hitting Spain. The organization of the event was well away from movie stars but the demonstrators moved to another place for them to be seen by all.

What was the surprise at the end to pose at the photocall, Javier Bardem decided to take the role of the night to those demonstrating and even photographed with a sign in his hands against the dismissal of workers. Thus Bardem to the words actually said Monday in an interview: "Today's villains are the ones who rescue banks instead of people".

But there is one thing we do we mean to Javier Bardem, should pay more attention to the Spanish media and rarely speaks to them and does speak to the international media. It's just an advice. Thanks.

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