Brad Pitt smells like Chanel No. 5

http://images.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/2012915//reg_634.BradPitt.1.jc.101412.jpegFrom today, the actor Brad Pitt recently became the first male image of the fragrance Chanel n º 5, a fragrance exclusively for the female gender. Thus, the French group wants to continue to innovate and make known, even more, its perfumery.

If it was not enough to see Brad Pitt in his best films playing any role, with short hair, long hair, goatee, beard or mustache, with cowboy hat or in no shirt. If not enough to see the actor pictures and all the gossip magazines, on television or in advertising, girls and women are in luck because now Brad Pitt will also feel him in your body. Not literally, of course.

Brad Pitt has just become the first image male of female product advertising perfume, Chanel No. 5. A perfume fairly affordable and whose fragrance many women go crazy for having it in their body.

But now women are going to become more crazy when they see the ad in which Brad Pitt shows his spirit of thoughtful person, as if the actor was reviewing part of his life in seconds. Thirty-second of advertising that will swoon to milions of woman, we are well assured, when they begin to hear his voice. 

Titled "There you are", the ad was shot in London by the director of "Anna Karenina", Joe Wright. And in it you can see Brad Pitt standing on the right side of the screen, reflecting on life, love and, of course, the goal of smelling good, for that he is filing a Notice of Chanel No. 5. Which you see the boy with long hair, goatee look of good boy, hands in his pockets and a black and white image where only the color used when presenting the image of the fragrance.

Although not the same to see and hear it than read Brad Pitt, the actor in the ad says: "It's not a journey, every journey ends and we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. The world tour but we turn to him. Plans fade. Succeed dreams. Wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable."

If the icon of the twentieth century, of course we mean Chanel No. 5, blew the imagination of thousands of men when the actress Marilyn Monroe said just slept with 2 drops of the fragrance on her neck, and now, the sighs of millions of women want to feel in their own skin to Brad Pitt will become the day sound heard every 30 seconds, this is the time it takes someone in the world of buying one of the bottles of the fragrance.

And to begin to hear the sighs from now, the only way to see the ad and women, some men also, have a say in the final outcome.


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