James Blunt leaves the music

James Blunt, music, you're beautifulBritish singer James Blunt says goodbye to his musical career and hangs the guitar that has accompanied since its inception in the music world after leaving his career as a professional soldier who took part in the war in Kosovo.

Having sold more than 18 million albums since he began his foray into the music world in 2004, and have made millions swoon at his concerts with melodic songs where some have become all a hymn, as the hit "You're Beautiful", James Blunt has decided to put an end to his singing career, as confirmed in an interview published in The Daily Mail.

And is that the guy has no more inspiration to continue publishing new songs. It appears that the muses have left since he ended his last tour in February of this year to promote his latest album.

James Blunt, music, you're beautiful
In the words of James Blunt: "I just want to take some time out for myself. I haven’t got any plans to do more songwriting. I have been chilling out since I finished my world tour and I’ve spent a lot of time in Ibiza, where I have a villa.".

James Blunt was a member of the British armed forces reaching the rank of Captain. In 1999, in collaboration with the peacekeeping force in NATO, participated in the Kosovo conflict. He led the first military squad that entered Pristina and was the first British officer to enter the capital of Kosovo. In the less intense moments of conflict, James Blunt played guitar that took it to the place of conflict hung on the back of the tank. In some places, the peacekeepers shared their meals with people surrounding hospital and he was encouraged to play the guitar and where was inspired to write the song "No Bravery" which included on his debut album. Finally, Blunt retired from the Army in October 2002.

During this time he has released three albums: "Back to Bedlam" (2005), "All the Lost Souls" (2007) and "Some Kind of Trouble" (2010). In 2006, just after releasing his first album, released "Chasing Time: The Bedlam Sessions", a live album which included a DVD with music videos and interviews on the BBC. Then, in the same year the label released "Monkey On My Shoulder EP", an album of songs demo of the singer.

James Blunt, music, you're beautifulBest New Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards and Q Awards, Best International Artist at the NRJ Music Awards (France), Brit Awards and the ECHO Awards. Not to mention many other awards and many other nominations. With 18 million albums behind him, of which 11 million were from their first album, with a song that has become an hymn, considered one of the most important songwriters in the UK. We have to specify that his presence in music has always had good reviews. But with only 38, James Blunt says goodbye to all his followers and music in general.

Hopefully not definitely and air and atmosphere, often relaxed, of Ibiza help him to rediscover his passion for the music and release new songs.


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