Katy Perry, fairy godmother of an autistic child

http://www.musicrooms.net/v2/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Katy-Perry-620x350.jpgAmerican singer Katy Perry has put his two cents to a night full of feelings at a benefit held at the Beacon Theatre in New York for autistic children and in which she sang a duet song with an autistic child .

"Night Of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together For Autism Programs" is a charity event where numerous Americans celebrities have participated to support people with autism, especially support the education of children with autism, which has been organized by Comedy Central and will be broadcast on Oct. 21 by the same TV channel.

Among the familiar faces of the charity gala a star shone above all others, the singer Katy Perry. Or rather, we should say that shone two stars. One was the singer, but the main star of the night was an autistic girl, Jodi DiPiazza, with which she performed "Fireworks".

Jodi's story is very unique and also very positive. They all are, but this was her story, the story of Jodi, which is represented on the big screen at the Beacon Theatre. The child has autism but since being diagnosed until today has had an impressive positive progress.

In the video, her parents say: "(Jodi) was diagnosed just before his second birthday. We were told there was no cure and that we did not expect much. All the dreams we had for her, suddenly vanished.". Parents have not stopped fighting, and because of that struggle have achieved certain goals which initially did not expect to occur: "We were afraid that never come to talk, not even dreamed that she would sing or be able to understand. while education has continued, I've given up on the idea that (Jodi) has limitations, it has continually proven to be true.".

Both on stage, Jodi and Katy Perry performed "Fireworks". On one hand, the voice of the singer California, and on the other Jodi, who sang and also played the piano to impress everyone with her calm and her talent while performing an acoustic version of the hit song.

So exciting was the presentation in this brief concert that made both on stage that more than half of those who were there present finished dropping a tear over. At the end of the song everyone stood up and started clapping with all their might, devoting a standing ovation to this young star who was embracing Katy Perry that she was very thrilled.

Katy Perry, still excited by what she had experienced in the show, posted on her Twitter account: "I will never forget last night. It was the most important moment thus far of what I do".

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