Adele makes James Bond cry

James Bond, Secret Agent 007 in the service of Her Majesty the Queen of England or rather who plays the character, actor Daniel Craig, has confessed that Adele's song for the soundtrack of the film "Skyfall" has made him mourn from the opening bars. 

Not that James Bond has become a sentient being, it must be in spite of his own stunts in all his films, and it is that Daniel Craig does not like the singer Adele, a song that will not be like its repertoire. What Daniel Craig has confessed according to information from Yahoo Movies is that Adele has made him mourn. 

The first time that Daniel Craig heard the theme of the last James Bond film, "Skyfall", composed and performed by British singer Adele, was so moved that a tear fell down his face serious and impenetrable character. Craig also said he was always sure she was the right to interpret the song for the soundtrack: "From the first bars and listening to his voice, I knew immediately that was exactly what I wanted from the beginning" . 

The producers of the film, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, have commented that the first choice to play the main theme of "Skyfall" was Adele. Although, of course, there are rumors that another possible option would have been the group Muse but discarded the first time. They were very clear, Adele was the one.

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