Warner Bros. prepares the return of "The Jungle Book"

http://globedia.com/imagenes/noticias/2012/4/30/libro-selva-regresa-cine_1_1195417.jpgWarner Bros. movie studios plan to return to film "The Jungle Book" in a version with actors of flesh and blood, said today the online edition of Variety magazine. Project are already in negotiations to direct and produce the new project to the big screen.
According to Variety, Steve Kloves, who was the writer of the eight films in the series "Harry Potter" and the director of the movie "The Fabulous Baker Boys", apart from collaborating on the screenplays for the upcoming "The Amazing Spider-Man" and the paralyzed remake of "Akira"could be responsible for the direction and script of the new adaptation of "The Jungle Book" if negotiations with the studios are successful end. 

http://fotos.lahora.com.ec/cache/3/35/350/3501/libro-de-la-selva-regresaria-al-cine--20120428033555-3501eaacc192dfba05e54a3222f8c2f0.jpgAs everyone may already know, the story was inspired by his time the author, the British writer Rudyard Kipling in India and contained several stories, including those with the character of Mowgli, a boy raised by animals of the jungle. 

His first film was created by the Disney factory in 1967 in cartoons, which years later, in 1994, was reissued this time with real people and directed by Stephen Sommers and starring Jason Scott Lee. Besides the story itself was a series of animated television called "Talespin" and other lesser-known productions and adaptations by the general public. 

In April 2010 appeared the first edition of the novel by Rudyard Kipling, with a writer's dedication to his eldest daughter in the mansion where her sister lived. The volume, published in 1894, was found for a few librarians who cataloged the books in the library of Wimpole Hall, the home in southern England, where he lived Elsie, the second daughter of Kipling from 1938 to 1976.

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