Jaden Smith will star in the series "Boy nobody"

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WeE5D-OVLZQ/TyRqQrxKF4I/AAAAAAAACqk/3DcB1c136Bk/s1600/jadensmith.pngJaden Smith, who all know as the son of Will Smith and have played the main character, Daniel Larusso, from the movie "Karate Kid" will star in the first film of a trilogy entitled "Nobody Boy" based on the history of the novel juvenile Allen Zadoff.

The film industry, especially that of Hollywood, is in a time of few ideas to develop a new film sufficiently different and successful. As decided by the franchises, a series of single-issue films to have found a gold mine of course to get ahead until someone had turned on the light bulb.

It is for this reason that Sony Pictures wants to exploit this new model and two fixed ideas. First, the studios have bought the rights, after winning the bid to 20th Century Fox, "Boy Nobody" a trilogy of novels by American writer youthful character of Allen Zadoof and whose works have not yet gone on sale, not even the first book to do so in the spring of 2013 but Sony has to anticipate events.

http://cdn4.wn.com/ph/img/ac/3f/d0d49394fd666574eed86c938a17-grande.jpgMoreover, the idea is a safe bet as an actor has not yet been sufficiently exploited so that ends up being hard to see in theaters, this is the case with Jade Smith. These two ideas mixed can make a successful project for quite some time as it did with the eternal saga of "Harry Potter" and the many adventures up on her broom.

The story "Nobody Boy" is about a teenager who has been erased memory and train to become a murderer. A young soldier who is trained to feel numb and could face any situation without fear, sympathy or hate so much to kill strangers and then go out emotionally unscathed.

Although so far there is no writer, producer or director who will take charge of the film but all the pools betting that behind all this is the hand of daddy Will Smith, as everybody knows, all he touches becomes a hit.    

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