Woody Allen does not convince the Italian journalists

http://cinergetica.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/to-rome-with-love.jpgAfter the worldwide presentation of the new Woody Allen film "To Rome with Love", it seems that the Italian media that were at the premiere of the film did not go very convinced by the new work of American director to the point of deception.

 The long awaited premiere of the new Woody Allen film in Rome with the protagonists of the film like Penelope Cruz who went from the hand of his sister Monica, Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Roberto Benigni and Allen himself is safe for all signing their films, has not had the expected reception that was believed to the major Italian media.

Journalists who attended the premiere agreed that gives a very stereotypical of the country and the city of Rome in particular. Thus, in the movie, you can see the places, characters and meals typical of the Italian capital as the Colosseum, Spain Square stairs, mozzarella, typical urban police in traffic, the paparazzi photographed in a mixture English and Italian, lush women and a succession of elements that resemble typical italian, according to Italian media, tourism basics and threshing of the Eternal City.

http://a69.g.akamai.net/n/69/10688/v1/img5.allocine.fr/acmedia/medias/nmedia/18/90/13/71/20082607.jpgThe director in his defense asked by a reporter about the findings, said that he just is dedicated to "translate" your impression of the cities where they wheel their films, and admitted without hesitation that really has a deep understanding of the political and culture of Italy.

But during the press conference, in which the actor Roberto Benigni was the master of ceremonies for the event and showed all her dowry comic as usual to see in it, do them with one another was palpable in the air until they can be caught almost hands.

While Woody Allen Benigni said: "Working with Roberto Benigni is a dream come true, is an icon, when I thought the cast of this movie it was his first name". Penelope Cruz praises satisfied, the American director "I love Woody has a special personality, a surprise every day. his intelligence is superior, equal to his sense of humor. For me it is a very important person".

The criticisms of film critics or the media are always important when choosing a movie to see it in theaters but never the most important yet in this case for "To Rome with love". Should matter more the essence of which is explained in the movie than what it really looks, clarifying some aspects of the natural settings where they do the shooting the film and not mess up in some cultural aspects of the country or city ​​of which we have very clear examples in some other movie other filmmakers and those that seem not to care too much ignorance of some directors and some of the actors who star them.

The last word goes to the viewer and Woody Allen, after all, never disappoints.


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