Christina Aguilera despises Justin Bieber in "The Voice"

The New York singer Christina Aguilera returns to make disposition of his little and almost no education to make a real disdain, in live, singer Justin Bieber in the American program "The Voice". Something that has not liked anything to the fans of Canadian singer.

Christina Aguilera could be considered the queen of the NBC show, "The Voice", although the issue is highly debatable, but what last night the singer did get in front of millions of viewers is to become the queen of rudeness . And the facts we refer.

http://en.terra.com/addon/img/music/1134c9c-christinap.jpgJustin Bieber was invited to present the reality music video for his new single "Boyfriend" and this act a world first and a presentation of his new album. He was also a joy for all fans erupted with joy and hysteria took hold of these to see out the Canadian singer on the main stage.

As a boy raised after the questions that made ​​the show's host Carson Daly, Justin went to the jury of the program to greet them. All normal until the time came to say hello to Christina Aguilera to which you could see a face of disgust that she could not look in the mirror.

Give two kisses a guest apparently not fit into the plans of the Staten Island plump singer and so did Justin know at the time the boy came to greet her. She, looking Morticia Adams, he reached out to shake his hand while he very kindly gave him a kiss on the cheek. Fake smile, grimace sideways on the lips and when she walked away from Justin, Christina relocated face have been eating a diet menu for weight loss.

The news has not gone unnoticed or the world nor music for fans of Justin Bieber to immediately have the outcry for such contemptuous act by which, in the past, was praised for her voice and do not disregard it, and thus can be heard on the soundtrack of the movie "Moulin Rouge".

Perhaps the singer has not made the exaggerated grace to set the singer entrance greeting his fans crazy stretched arms to hand they clashed in addition to running from one side to another stage, or you may feel you Christina not the singer idol of millions of teenagers are now under the magic of Canada and has become a "mature" somewhat embittered by declining album sales.

Do not forget that Christina Aguilera and criticized, too, in time to Lady Gaga when asked about it and compared it with the diva. Your comments and uploaded risque alcohol was as follows: "That ... destroyed my career! Never mention your name when you're with me again". We know that his album "Bionic" has been a complete failure in sales.

Neither has said something in his Twitter account.

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