Rocco Siffredi wants to direct the biopic on Silvio Berlusconi

http://cdn.revistavanityfair.es/uploads/images/thumbs/201104/rocco_siffredi__actor_porno_4774_360x270.jpgSurprises come life and this is one of them. Former porn star Rocco Siffredi wants to take the direction to film a biopic of former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi. Although nothing in particular but the kid is very excited to realize this project. Only remains to know which tell their own self biography.

Silvio Berlusconi is looking for staff to direct the film about his life and miracles and his image that although he believes is satisfactory, it is quite pathetic and increasingly negative each time you publish a story about the egocentric character.

No one has had the "brilliant" idea of wanting to do a film like this, only their selfishness has had the courage to go along to carry out this project.

The surprise of the news has come to the fore because a character has decided to offer his services to lead the autobiography of the billionaire ex-president. Nothing more, nothing less than the ex-porn star Rocco Siffredi, after starring in almost 500 films, he wants to direct a movie and nothing less than the boy wants to start with this charismatic president of Mediaset degraded character, but probably not the principal indicated or appropriate for Berlusconi has first choice.

http://www.eldebat.cat/cast/img2/2011/01/siffredi-berlusconi-350.jpgThe movie website The Hollywood Reporter has published a few words of ex-actor taking on a silver platter so that their words were almost a gushing fan. So Siffredi commented: "I think it's one of the few in Italy who could do my job. He's got it all. This is the only thing left to do". 

As seen, perhaps, future director of the film is to focus, especially in the numerous festivals organized with young girls, most if not all, of a more than doubtful reputation; parties he himself Berlusconi called 'Bunga-Bunga". In addition to his idea is to do a shoot with him only Berlusconi and a large number of women: "There will be co-stars. Not need anyone else. This is serious, requiring talent, real talent".

It is recalled that Roco Siffredi is an ardent admirer and supporter of Silvio Berlusconi to the extent that his comments follows boast of their idolized character: "The Italians are proud of Berlusconi, who 74 years ago his love and have a good life". Although the phrase star man claims to have slept with over 1000 women was: "I had sex half times half of him".

Perhaps this relentless rally to Silvio Berlusconi is to make it and nothing more than him, which ends up being the director of his self-centered movie.

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