In project a film of "Zip & Zap"

http://clasicosdelhumor.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/22zyz3.jpg?w=455The twins most famous Spanish comics of all time, Zip & Zap again have a movie on the big screen. In collaboration with Antena 3 Films, will be realized the second film in this two naughty children who revolutionized the comics, film and television.

Antena 3 Films, Zeta Cinema and Mod Productions will team up to produce a new adventure of these two naughty children who have delighted several generations.

Created by the Spanish author Jose Escobar in 1948 were originally published in serial form in magazines such as Pulgarcito, Mortadelo or Zipi and Zape. 

As was the case with other heroes and anti-heroes of Spanish comics as Mort and Phil (Mortadelo y Filemón), in flesh and blood, who were a big hit among the public, this time it was the turn to Zip and Zap. The little blond and little brown again to delight new generations in flesh and blood version, no paper or cartoons. 

http://lh6.ggpht.com/-4GAoGqWDv4I/T0_UtLza8RI/AAAAAAAAA3Q/GCgKcRjepxc/zipi%252520zape.jpg If there are no problems and the new history clings to what are the originals of the characters, Zip and Zap live a thousand and one adventures going crazy antics and everyone including his parents, Don Pantuflo and Doña Jaimita, and Don Minervo, their stern teacher. 

Among his antics, we can see the damage caused by playing football, as both are very fond of this sport. One curiosity is that these two naughty Zip (the blond boy) is fond of Real Madrid while his brother Zap (the brown boy) is the FC Barcelona. This was shown when a comic after the death of its creator José Escobar, and re-edited to suit the times, Zip donned the shirt of Zidane and Zap with Saviola. In another of his adventures, Zip played on a console with the Madrid soccer goalkeepers Buyo and Butragueño while Zap do with the club and soccer goalkeepers Urruti and Clos. 

Very good football players and fans but very bad students that makes every story end up getting suspended, except on rare occasions to see his slip of paper with excellent note. 

The New Adventures of "Zip & Zap" is directed by film director Oskar Santos of Bilbao (Spain), whose first film, "The evil alien" was produced by Alejandro Amenabar and presented at the Berlin Film Festival. The stories of the twins will be scripted by himself, Santos, Francisco Roncal and Jorge Lara. It plans to premiere during the 2013 and international buyers will be sought during the upcoming Cannes Film Festival to internationalize its release and its emission by different countries.

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